PWR Performance Products

From 80’s Radiators to 20’s Performance Leaders

PWR pioneered automotive radiator manufacturing in the mid 80’s, working from a small factory on the Gold Coast. They initially operated under the name, Paul Weel Radiators. Today, PWR Performance is still a proudly Australian-owned company, and we are proud to be their distributor in the southern states of Australia. We don’t compromise on quality and we have chosen PWR Performance as a primary supplier when recommending intercoolers, transmission coolers, and radiators to our customers.


Highest Quality Standards of Manufacturing & Testing

PWR’s impressive range of standard passenger vehicle intercoolers and radiators are individually hand-manufactured using 12 fins per square inch, replacing your current OEM system for better flow and performance. PWR’s standard intercoolers feature standard mounting points that are equivalent to OEM, unique welding points, bar and fin core design, and anti-slip technology in the billet fittings. The whole intake system gets replaced with PWR’s high-quality solid piping. All PWR Performance Products are tested to extreme conditions – in an atmospherically-controlled braze furnace and on-site wind tunnel – to guarantee the highest standards are achieved.


Race-bred R&D

With their vertical manufacturing and testing facilities, PWR Performance cooling products can be custom designed by their in-house design division, for applications that require modifications, such as in high-end motorsport applications. PWR Performance has become a highly-respected and sought-after specialist manufacturer of race and competition heat exchange performance products. To augment their outstanding reputation in motorsports, PWR Performance invests 6% of its revenue in dedicated cooling R&D to suit specific vehicle and race team needs.


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Steinbauer Power Modules

Steinbauer Power Modules

Steinbauer Performance is an independent manufacturer and supplier of electronic Power Modules for the modern diesel and turbocharged petrol engines. Steinbauer has become a global leader and sets the benchmark for performance.

Steinbauer has taken diesel tuning to the next level by designing a full plug and play module that performs with your engines ECU, and controls fuel metering by extending the injection pulse rate, rather than increasing the rail pressures like many aftermarket performance module/chip options.

Steinbauer Power Modules are not just made for performance, but also for fuel economy. Steinbauer guarantees up to 20% more power and torque, enabling your engine to work less, create better fuel economy and increase its life.

Steinbauer has engineered and designed a Power Module for most vehicles. Applications range from passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles (light and heavy), to marine vessels and agricultural machinery. Steinbauer Power Modules have been designed under the most challenging conditions of dust, moisture and vibration to ensure reliability. Steinbauer Power Modules are a smart investment if you want your extra power to come with reliability and longer engine life.

The added bonus with the Steinbauer Power Module is that it won’t affect your new vehicle’s manufacturer’s warranty, and can be removed at any time. All Steinbauer Power Modules come with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty and product guarantee.

Go to our Steinbauer Power Module page for more information on the Steinbauer module and getting the most out of your diesel engine, or contact our friendly staff for any queries on +61 3 9267 8800