Cornell Diesel System’s Fuel Manager Diesel Filter Kits

Fuel Manager Diesel Filter Kits


Modern diesel engines are equipped with advanced high-pressure injection systems that can be easily damaged by poor quality fuel or, more frequently, contaminated fuel.

Common Rail (CR) diesel systems can run up to 40,000 psi. Many of these systems are intolerant to water and dirt particles and, if contaminated, result in costly engine repairs.

One way to provide better protection for your diesel engine is to install an additional fuel filter and water separator. Most CR systems only have one factory filter, so installing the additional filter is highly recommended, if not essential. Fuel Manager manufacture several options to meet each vehicle’s requirement.

Primary (Pre) Filter – 30 Micron


Plumbed before your factory fuel filter and rated at 30 microns, the Primary (Pre) Filter prolongs the service life of your factory OEM filter. A 30-micron filter will remove particles the size of 30 x 1000ths of a millimeter. This may sound very small, and it is, but not small enough to protect modern high-pressure CR fuel systems. Most factory filters on modern CR systems are rated at 10 micron.

Secondary (Final) Filter – 2 and 5 microns

Plumbed after the factory filter as a last line of defence, the secondary filter in both 2 and 5 microns will effectively remove any water or contaminants that make it past your factory filter. A 2-micron final filter will remove particles the size of just 2 x 1000th of a millimeter.


We stock a full range of fuel filter kits (including Hilux as shown for illustration only) designed specifically for easy install, to save you time and money. If you require more information please contact our friendly staff on 03 9267 8800