Cornell’s have installed two Dynolog Dynamometers from Mainline. This includes an All-Wheel Drive Chassis Dynamometer and a Heavy Vehicle (Bogie Drive) Chassis Dynamometer.

The AWD chassis dynamometer is a heavier duty version of the popular AWD1200 premium model, with larger than standard rollers, and upgraded roller shafts to handle higher vehicle weights. The unit can be used for RWD, FWD, AWD & 4WD light vehicle applications and medium trucks and buses.

The Heavy Vehicle Chassis Dynamometer is for testing single or twin axle (bogie drive) trucks and buses, with axle weights up to 20 tonnes. The bogie drive wheel base distance is motorised and automatically adjusted via the dynamometer control software system. This unit incorporates large twin eddy retarders on each axle (Quad Retarders) providing a massive torque capacity of 15200Nm, and a power absorption rating of over 4000kW (5360Hp).

Both units feature a multitude of data acquisition inputs, including the very latest “Emission Testing Technology” from Mainline DynoLog Dynamometers, including operator prompted drive cycle simulations for various emission standards for detailed exhaust analysis and fault finding.

The Heavy Vehicle Dynamometer also has the ability to interface directly to the vehicles on board diagnostic system and communicate via an SAE J1939 protocol, which is commonly used by many diesel engine manufacturers.