We take Diesel Fuel Injection seriously and proudly offer one of the most well equipped pump rooms in Australia. The pump room is separated for various activities, including stripping, cleaning, reassembly, testing and packing, and all pumps, injectors and relative fuel injection components are assembled and tested in a pressurised clean room environment. The air in these areas is filtered to meet strict ISO standards for particle count and cleanliness which is a requirement for assembling and testing modern diesel system components.

Our team of highly experienced technicians receive regular manufacturer training to ensure they are highly skilled in modern repair methods from early mechanical systems to the latest in high pressure Common Rail Diesel Systems.

The mechanical condition of the fuel pump and the injectors can determine such operating conditions as hard starting, excessive smoke, lack of performance, rough running, engine cut-out, knocking and overheating. Cornell’s has a long history with the repair and maintenance of Diesel fuel injection systems. Every new Diesel Fuel Pump and Injector is required to accurately deliver the correct amount of fuel at the most accurate time for efficient combustion to take place.

As most Diesel fuel injection components are manufactured separately from the vehicle manufacturer the testing and repairing of these components requires special tooling, training and test equipment sanctioned by the fuel system component manufacturer. Cornell’s only used genuine parts in all fuel system  repairs as an authorised service dealer for all the major manufacturers in Australia.

All Diesel Fuel Injection Pumps and Injectors are stripped, tested, and inspected prior to any repairs taking place. As part of the inspection process consideration is given to the customer’s complaint to ensure that their problem can be identified. When the inspection process is finalised the customer is given an estimate for the value of the repairs together with an explanation of the work required to repair the components back to the manufacturer’s specifications. Upon approval of the repair the components are re-assembled and tested to manufacturer’s specifications using the latest testing equipment.

From early model Mack’s to the latest Common Rail Pumps and Injectors, Cornell Fuel Injection has the experience, the knowledge, and the facilities to ensure that your Diesel Fuel Injection problems are solved in the most cost effective and efficient manner.