How Has The Diesel Industry Changed Over The Last 10 Years In Australia?

How much has the diesel industry changed within Australia? Have prices continued to rise or have they fallen? Are their more consumers now using diesel powered vehicles or has the industry started to decline?Over the past few years, diesel powered vehicles have become extremely popular in Australia with registered diesel vehicles accounting for 19.7% of all cars compared to to 13.8% in 2010. Also, the number of registered diesel vehicles increased by more than 60% between 2007 to 2012.

A key reason why diesel vehicles have become popular amongst the Australian public is due to the cost effectiveness of diesel power. It has become apparent amongst Australian consumers that diesel engines offer great fuel economy savings compared to petrol and gas, as savings have been seen to reach from 5-20%.

To gain a greater understanding of how the industry has changed over the past 10 years, here are some key facts about the diesel industry:

  • Previously Diesel engines were designed to empower, heavy equipment and machinery, however this has translated into everyday work vehicles and standard passenger vehicles due to its cost benefits as well as vastly improved driveability and performance.
  • Diesel fuel prices are now competing with regular unleaded prices.
  • Out of the 18 million registered vehicles in Australia, 20.9% are now diesel vehicles.
  • Due to innovations in research and development of diesel technology it is now possible to drastically reduce noise and emissions that were associated with early diesel engines.
  • Australia has the fifth lowest diesel prices, amongst the OECD group.
  • In Victoria diesel prices have decreased from $1.53 per litre (2014) to $1.16 per litre (end of 2016)

With this in mind having a diesel vehicle provides some great added value and features that is appealing to a large majority of the Australian public. Not only are their great savings for motorists but the relatively higher torque of a diesel powered car improves the overall driving experience.