Cornells offers a range of options to improve the performance and driveability of your diesel powered vehicle. We are proud to be a Steinbauer dealer and recommend these modules over other brands. Steinbauer differs from many of the other performance ‘chips’ on offer as it is highly advanced technology developed in Austria but tested and tuned for Australian conditions. Many of the less expensive options work by applying an increase in rail pressure in an attempt to improve engine performance – this is akin to using a ‘blunt instrument’ and can lead to the damage of fuel system components, contributing to reduced service life of the injectors in particular.

A Steinbauer module works by changing injection opening time, making precise adjustments to fuel delivery at the right time in order to deliver optimum power and torque where it is needed to improve driveability especially when towing or under load. More often than not a vehicle fitted with a Steinbauer module will also show an improvement in fuel consumption.

Prior to fitting a Steinbauer module Cornells recommend doing a full system diagnosis to ensure there are no underlying performance issues, such as compromised injectors, as fitting the module may exacerbate such problems. By having a Steinbauer module fitted by Cornells you can be confident that your vehicle performance will be optimised in a safe and controlled manner.