Our 4WD and twin axle truck/bus dynamometers allow Cornell’s to thoroughly test every on-highway application from a small passenger car through to a Heavy Duty truck. Combined with our full range of diagnostic scan tools, this allows us to monitor exactly what your engine is doing and isolate the problem.

Regular maintenance of your Diesel engine and integrated sub-systems (such as the fuel injection system) will ensure optimum performance is maintained. As the Diesel engine uses compression ignition, a simple compression test can be conducted to determine the integrity of the engine as an initial step, prior to making any other repairs or adjustments. The dyno test becomes another method of determining engine health and identifying underlying issues that may be present.

Most vehicle owners overlook the importance of a dyno test and think that a test will only provide you with more power and torque. A comprehensive dyno test will allow a technician to adjust your vehicle settings in a controlled environment where they will ensure your vehicle is running as optimally as possible. This may include adjusting air/fuel ratio (AFR) to gain the optimum fuel economy.

Whether your vehicle is suspected of running too rich or too lean, a technician can first identify the problem and then work out an effective resolution.