STEINBAUER Performance is an innovative, brand-independent developer, manufacturer and global supplier of electronic components and additional modules for modern diesel and turbocharged gasoline engines. STEINBAUER engineer products for many automotive brands across a range of passenger cars, agricultural machinery, heavy-duty equipment, forestry machinery, trucks, pickups, vans, and motorhomes. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, STEINBAUER have developed a thorough understanding of engine control units for a wide range of brands and how to safely optimize increases in power and torque.

Starting from humble beginnings in the mid ’90s, STEINBAUER started with a clear vision to improve the performance of diesel engines. Wanting to avoid the pitfalls of competitor products that were focused on invasive tuning methods such as chip-tuning, flashing and pressure box technology, our vision was to develop a higher end product that used advanced programming based around the injection system, using an additional electronic plug and play principal.

Beginning with products for passenger vehicles that had modern diesel engines, success came with hard work and the determination to offer high quality, forward thinking products that were backed by world class customer service. This simple formula was realized and the business has continued to grow and evolve and now includes the most extensive application list for intelligent additional power modules available on the worldwide market today.

Modern tuning methods for fully electronically controlled Diesel Injection systems, such as Common Rail, rely on “remapping” of the injection parameters. Steinbauer Tuning Technologies are based on a single principle: One hundred percent independence of the hardware module from the vehicle’s own electronics by means of an original Steinbauer plug connection. This provides several different advantages:

  • The unit can be installed quickly and without hesitation.
  • There is no interference with existing hardware components.
  • The plug can be disconnected at any time without making any additional changes.

Cornells use Steinbauer because the system changes the signal to the injectors only and Steinbauer is the only system to have a cut-back feature that the other manufacturers do not.