Cornell’s exchange injectors are remanufactured using the latest manufacturer approved processes, special tools and test equipment. Critical wear parts are replaced 100% of the time to ensure a high quality consistent performance outcome. We are so confident of our processes that all exchange injectors carry exactly the same warranty as a new replacement injector, whether it be BOSCH, DELPHI, DENSO or VDO (Continental).

In most cases a new code will be generated for the remanufactured injector – it is important that this new code is inputted into the vehicle ECM (Electronic Control Module) to ensure optimum performance. This unique code allows the ECM to recognise the performance characteristics of the injector allowing it to compensate for precise fuel delivery and timing of injection to meet performance and emission requirements. Beware of imitators who claim that re-coding of injectors is unnecessary or not a requirement – such claims come from a total lack of technical expertise.

The manufacturer approved service exchange process allows for an alternative, cost effective solution to repair and restore your vehicle to its optimum condition using genuine parts.  Aside from the cost benefits, remanufacturing is the ultimate form of recycling providing additional environmental benefits by re-using non-wearable components.

Cornells keep over 40 different part numbers of exchange injectors in stock, thereby covering most of the common vehicle applications on Australian roads.

For more information on the remanufacturing process watch the video: DENSO Reman Injectors

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